Evening Dinner

Louisiana Hall

Gather with the other attendees & speakers for dinner in Louisiana Hall

Evening Keynote: Dr. William A Dembski – Is Artificial Intelligence Intelligent?

As a technology, artificial intelligence has accomplished impressive feats. Large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT have significantly moved the field forward. But is artificial intelligence on the cusp of emulating and then surpassing human intelligence? Is the Terminator's Skynet just around the corner (whether it takes a utopian or dystopian form)? What are the…


Louisiana Hall

Breakfast in Louisiana Hall


Louisiana Hall

Afternoon Break

Explore the town & campus, get to know the speakers & attendees, or just relax.

Afternoon Panel

A moderated panel discussion with all of the featured speakers.

Saturday Keynote: Dr. Bob Marks – Non-Computable You

Will machines someday replace attorneys, physicians, computer programmers, and world leaders? What about composers, painters, and novelists? Will tomorrow’s supercomputers duplicate and exceed humans? Are we just computers doomed to obsolescence by tomorrow’s ultra-powerful artificial intelligence?  This talk addresses some exciting possibilities for artificial intelligence, but also how the many of the heady claims for…


Louisiana Hall

Concert: Doug Burr

An evening concert with renowned Texas singer-songwriter Doug Burr.